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All Is Not Lost Yet! – Carl Robert Jakobson 180

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July 26 marks 180 years since the birth of Carl Robert Jakobson. In the winter of 1869, Jakobson, also known as the author of the text under the pseudonym "Linnutaja" (The Birdman), suggested that Aleksander Kunileid, a new graduate of the Cimze Seminary, would create music for Lydia Koidula's text "My Fatherland Is My Love". This song was one of two works by an Estonian composer that was planned at the 1st Estonian Song Festival. Kunileid created for Jakobson's own text male choir work with an apparently timeless title - "All is not lost yet", which was published in 1871 in Jakobson's own publication "Wanemuine kandle healed. Choirs of men with four voices. Published by C. R. Jakobson. Second section. "

Mariliis Valkonen – a musical work, as a song

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Mariliis Valkonen has written: "I like to think of a musical piece as of a song". Proof of this is her music, sounding in the repertoire of Estonian choirs. One of the favourite songs is definitely "White Bird". Her music is available on SoundCloud. Congratulations to the composer on her upcoming birthday!

Have you sung?

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Due to the virus outbreak that has hit the world, the whole music life has been on hiatus for more than a year now. Now, in the spring of 2021, we are looking forward to the future and hope that in the summer or later in the autumn we will be able to live a normal life again and meet again in rehearsals and concerts. Noodiriiul tries to make sure that new music reaches all of us, which we can enjoy. A collection with Estonian mixed choir music “Have you sung? Works for mixed choir from Estonia 2021” is now available. The collection includes works by Mariliis Valkonen, Mart Siimer, Mari Vihmand, Mari Amor, Ardo Ran Varres, Kadri Hunt and Andres Lemba. The title of the collection is inspired by one of the repetitive phrases in the text written by Valdur Mikita in Mari Amor's song "The Test of Getting to God": "Have you sung?"

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