Miina Härma / Jakob Liiv “Meeste laul” ( Men’s Song)


Music by: Miina Härma
Lyrics by: Jakob Liiv
Male choir TTBB, a cappella
Number of pages(A4): 1
Noodiriiul remarks: This publication is based on “Songs of the Kalevala Concert with the addition of funny songs. Second edition.
Collected and published by M. Vares. In Jurjev (Tartu). M. Vares Bookstore Publishing House. 1901.” p.109-110: Miina Hermann “Men’s Song”.
In the original, during the first three beats of the 1st bar, the basses and baritones sing one octave below; bar 8, verse 3 contains the word “heal”;
bar 9, verse 1 contains the word “arg-dust”; bar 18, verse 1 contains the word “hüi-e”; bars 20 and 23-24, 1 verse word “püi-e”.
All dynamics and tempo marks are given in this publication exactly as in the original.

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